Taste The Waste

To start off – I love movies with an important message, taste the waste certainly contains that! Waste & rubbish are a massive issue in all societies today more then ever, with population growth its only becoming worse. The documentary begins with two dumpster divers in Vienna who retrieve food from a supermarket’s trash dumpster followed by interviews with an farmer’s supermarket employees, a baker etc discussing and showing statics on how much rubbish/food is thrown away, that will not be consumed or allowed to be sold due to guild lines or stale food.

This film defiantly gets us asking our selves questions such as WHY? WHY do they need to waste food because it’s does not meet specification? Could they just not charge less because of smaller tomatoes?

Taste the waste also gets us questioning our own habits about trashing food, buying more then you need as well as the staggering statistic of throwing away enough food to feed the whole population 3 times over. It is truly a sad state of affaires, this is fantastic eye opening documentary that i highly recommend.Taste The Waste

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